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The Training Your Practice Needs

Thank you for visiting Chrysalis Orofacial®!  We are dedicated to individuals who want to learn more about our trainings.


Chrysalis Orofacial® is a leading organization in the field of orofacial function throughout the lifespan.  Since 2016, we have trained thousands of professionals internationally through our courses, consulting, and speaking engagements. 

Course Offerings

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TOTS Training®

Our signature course! In this two day 14 hour CE course, participants will learn the E3 Model of Care® for tethered oral tissues.  This includes relevant background information on how tethered oral tissues affect oral function from birth to maturity. This course is offered live and in synchronous online formats.


Plot the TOT

Plot the TOT: A Collaborative Map to Optimal Outcomes is an intermediate course that showcases the E3 Model of Care® in real time.  Co-taught with Dr. Ann Bynum, DDS,  this 14.5 two-day CE course is for professionals looking to see actual assessments, procedures and aftercare. A laser wet lab is included for hands-on experience.  This course is only offered in a synchronous online format.  


The STONES Approach

The STONES Approach (Systematic Treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders with Nuanced Effective Strategies) is an advanced course that elaborates on basic myofunctional principles and discusses how to make effective decisions and implement a myofunctional therapy treatment plan for an orofacial myofunctional disorder, including managing compensations and oral habits.  This 12 hour two-day CE course is only offered in a synchronous online format. It is highly recommended to take an introductory myofunctional therapy course prior to taking this course.


Guide to Becoming an IBCLC

This is a comprehensive guide on how to become an IBCLC including pathways, exam logistics, differentiation between credentials, practicing and frequently asked questions.  This course is an asynchronous online course. 

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Confidently Connecting for Collaboration

In this one-hour CE course, participants learn how to assemble a multi-disciplinary care team for tethered oral tissues.  Using a systems framework, the course provides a strategy for networking, developing new relationships, maintaining those relationships and synchronizing communication messsages across disciplines for optimal outcomes. This course is an asynchronous online course. 


Is Myo Right for Me?

This mini-course is designed to help decide whether Orofacial Myology is right for you and/or your practice. It includes information on how to integrate it into your practice, how to get started and what to expect with the certification process. This course is an asynchronous online course. 


The Pre-Release Paradigm

It is more commonly known that therapy following a TOTs release procedure is indicated. The reality is that therapy prior to the TOTs release procedure should be implemented. This 2 hour CE mini-course will discuss therapeutic interventions and considerations to achieve and determine therapeutic readiness in preparation for a TOTs release procedure.

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