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Chrysalis Orofacial is a leading organization in the field of orofacial function throughout the lifespan.  Since 2016, we have trained thousands of professionals internationally through our courses, consulting, and speaking engagements. 

Why Professionals Need TOTS Training Courses

Tethered Oral Tissue Specialty

Poor Detection

Tethered oral tissues vary in presentation.  There is little education provided to healthcare professionals in their academic programs.  This leads to a lack of efficient and effective diagnosis and treatment.

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Early Signs

Early Signs

Signs and symptoms of tethered oral tissues are evident early in life.  Medical Professionals and families need to be aware of what they are and how to proceed.

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When tethered oral tissues remain undiagnosed and untreated, there is a vast impact on development of function, dentofacial growth, and overall health issues.


Our Method:  The E   Model




TOTS Training provides the protocol for doing a complete evaluation of all types of tethered oral tissues.  Be confident in identifying tethered oral tissues with our model.



Educating patient and fellow medical professionals on this topic is challenging.  TOTS Training demonstrates ways to educate for the best patient outcomes.



TOTS Training guides professionals in building an effective treatment plan for tethered oral tissues.  Our model and techniques yields outcomes for optimal oral function and dissipation of symptoms.


Hear What Our Trained Professionals Have To Say

"Great class. I'm happy that we have high quality TOTs training for all disciplines."

Michelle Emanuel, Occupational Therapist