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Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" stands true, but what about the reverse?

I would say that we need to be very intentional about the words we use, keeping in mind the thoughts and images they conjure for our patients. In the tongue tie world, there are various terms being utilized.  I strive to have precise and consistent language in my practice because OUR WORDS HAVE POWER!  Have you ever replayed the words someone said to you over and over in your head?  I have had parents of my patients tell me they have replayed things that I have told them to reassure themselves.  This can be an anxious time for families.  Preparing them adequately with what to expect can go a long way!

I speak about this in TOTS Training and one of my examples is:

Revision vs Release When referring to the procedure(frenectomy, frenotomy), many use the word "revision." This word makes me think of repeating or doing something again.  Most parents/patients have already read about reattachment and the tongue tie "growing back."  I choose to speak about what it is we want to do to the tissue, which is release it and leave out the thought of having to repeat the procedure.  My model of care and protocol utilizes several techniques to inhibit reattachment and I will equip my families with these strategies.

My point is to be vigilant of your words and how parents/patients may interpret them.  Be the voice that encourages and empowers!

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