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Be the Lightning......

I listened to the song called "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons the other day.  The lyrics really "struck" me (haha like lightning).  Here's the part that was "striking": "Not a yes sir, not a follower Fit the box, fit the mold Have a seat in the foyer, take a number I was lightning before the thunder"

This got me thinking about my journey with tongue tie.  There have been other medical professionals (even co-workers and those in my own field) to berate me about my views and work with this condition.  Many of these colleagues have more years of experience than I or more prestigious degrees. I followed my professional instincts and sought resources on the topic instead of "fitting into the box" or "being a follower."  I made my own way instead of being passive and it has been of great benefit to my patients!

Ultimately, education and continuing to be a resource has changed the minds of many colleagues.  As they previously berated me on this topic, now they are referring to me.  For me there is no "controversy" about tongue tie, only misinformation and lack of education. I maintain that in 20 years, research, education and best practices will have evolved to include tongue tie.  Until then, do not discount practice-based evidence.  If it is successful and helping patients, keep going!

So I write this to encourage all of you therapists, lactation consultants, dentists, physicians, bodyworkers, and orofacial myologists out there that face harsh criticism in your endeavor to help patients with tongue tie.  It does not matter your years of experience or level of degree.  You are courageous to address what is flashing right in front of you with tongue tie!  Take heart that you are the "lightning before the thunder." 

I love the image of the lightning striking and then spreading.  Our message and awareness is spreading.....cue the THUNDER!

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